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November 21, 2016
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On Thursday July 5th I got up early and spent a very constructive hour with PA State Representative Todd Stephens. As this year’s president of the Montgomery Bucks Dental Society, I lead a local delegation to Harrisburg on June 5th to address legislative issue which impact the dental health of all Pennsylvanians! This meeting with Representative Stephens gave me some quality time at his office to discuss additional concerns! I am worried that with 3 of the country’s top dental schools in our state, only 30% of new graduates stay. I believe it is because the two state-supported schools don’t give preference to state residents! I’m concerned that outside lobby groups will push to allow auxiliaries with under 2 years of training to treat patients independently, when the real access to care issue is education and prevention!!! And I wanted to address the tremendous student debt new graduates face and feel that the state can help with realistic programs where state service can reduce indebtedness or student loans with very low-interest rates if they stay on PA. Over the summer, I plan to meet with several other of our local state officials to deliver these messages!


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