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Broken Tooth…Pole Dancing…Mouth Guard

Over the course of my career as a cosmetic and restorative dentist, I have had to repair many broken front teeth. The accidents range from the tragic, such as an athletic or auto injury to the comical like head butted by your dog or biting off a beer bottle cap at a Frat party. This patient presented with one of the most unique reasons for an accidental broken front tooth ever…Pole Dancing!

My patient assured me that she was fully clothed and just horsing around at a party, but no matter as a form of entertainment or exercise, it is not an activity that one associates with injuries to their teeth. Well, as I’ve shown in prior blog entry and on the smile gallery on my website, the tooth damage was a single visit, simple restorative solution as the following after photo demonstrates…

I should mention that whether it be basketball, field hockey, football and any almost any number of sports and action activities (I guess we need to include pole dancing now), for safety sake, consider the appropriate athletic mouth guard!

Mouth Guards are easy to make, comfortable to wear and much easier than needing to get your teeth repaired after a mishap.


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