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It’s So Simple To Fix It Today!

The above before and after photos demonstrate how in one visit, a damaged/broken tooth can be easily reborn! So many times a new patient emergency will present at the office with the same story. A filling broke months or even a year ago and now they are in my chair because of a terrible toothache, an infection and swollen face or all of the above. Instead of a simple replacement of an old, defective filling or repair of a broken tooth, this new patient emergency is confronted with either the more costly options involved in saving or replacing a severely decayed tooth (not to mention the time involved in multiple visits) or for probably the same expense that they will incur to have that diseased tooth removed, they could have had it simply restored when it broke.

A broken tooth can be like your engine light coming on in your car. Fixing it now is usually simpler, less costly and more convenient. The patient who’s tooth is shown above wasn’t in pain, but felt the hole in his tooth. He called to have his problem evaluated and was given an appointment. I always like to provide my patient’s with the best overall solutions to their problems and while this tooth will eventually need a crown (cap), first the tooth’s damage had to be repaired. All the old restoration was removed along with the underlying decay that caused the break. Than using space age materials, the tooth was restored to it’s original shape, contour and is fully functional all in under an hour! You have to admit that it’s a better outcome than waiting for that eventual toothache, possible swelling, and very likely a space where a tooth used to live.

So if you have a tooth like this or have a friend or loved one with a similar situation, tell them to call and get it fixed today while it is still simple!


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