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Dental Excellence Mandates Continuing Education

Today I was fortunate to attend an all day continuing education program where one of dentistry’s living legends, Dr. Gordon Christensen, presented a program on what techniques, products and materials were the best and most important as of this date. He is a practicing dentist from Provo, Utah who is world famous in the dental community. Over 40 years ago he and his wife (also a world class researcher) created a non-profit research group that evaluates everything dental. The non-profit takes no corporate money, runs studies of years to establish longevity, and uses over 450 evaluators. The results are non-biased, pros and cons of everything dental as they are in the real world of dental care! This information is invaluable in my day to day decisions in regards to your care, as I strive to provide you with dental excellence.

As a leader in the Valley Forge Dental Association, I had an opportunity to meet and question Dr. Christensen on some dental science issues that are of concern to me and reflect your needs! His answers were enlightening and he helped to point me in the right direction. I have a very active continuing education schedule over the next 12 months, but I have been so fortunate to meet with two of my personal superstars in the last 4 months- Dr. Dennis Tarnow in June and Dr. Christensen today! Stay tuned for more!


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