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Smile Revealed

November 21, 2016
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Almost everybody thinks that when it comes to “Plastic Surgery”, any place on one’s body can be repaired, enhanced or accented except one’s mouth…WRONG! Just look above at the before and after photos of “Periodontal (gum) Plastic Surgery” just done by Dr. Gradwell. This young lady presented for a consult to see what could be done about her “Gummy Smile”. Embarrassed to smile, for years she thought her teeth were to small, when in fact she was born with excess gum tissue which hide her beautiful teeth and a fabulous smile! The after photo shows just how wonderful a smile.

Dr. Gradwell and I immediately knew that in this young woman’s situation what she needed was to have her excess gum tissue carefully measured, surgically contoured to where the gums should naturally be positioned and so reveal her hidden beauty! In what is actually a simple, painless, and short in-patient surgical procedure, Dr. Gradwell worked his magic. The after photo is actually taken just a week after the surgery and moments after the oral bandage and sutures were removed. Look for an updated after photo after the patient’s gum tissue is completely healed. WOW! What a smile!

Sometimes a person’s teeth are really to small and the solution is to lengthen them with one of the many cosmetic dental options (Veneers, Crowns, bonded composite buildups, etc…), or an individual’s lower lip is to prominent and there are surgical and non-surgical techniques for improvement, or a person’s teeth can be to “Long” and depending on the etiology the treatment can be an addition of gum tissue with a graft (another form of “Periodontal Plastic Surgery”) or through a cosmetic dental option, but without a consult from a dental professional you’ll never know your options! A smile is something that shouldn’t be hidden!

So don’t hide your smile behind your lips, call and schedule a consult. So many times the solution is much simpler, easier and less costly than you think! You won’t know if you don’t ask


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