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1260 Easton Road Abington, PA 19001 (215) 884-8289

Simple Restorative

Small jobs around the house are always easier and cheaper to do than the big projects, It's no different with your dental health… small is simple and less costly.

Often times being proactive is the smartest thing to do. The expense, time and results (keeping your tooth) are more favorable than waiting until that “lost filling hurts,” and you are forced to deal with a dental crisis. Either through early detection during a routine visit or when you discover it yourself, We are equipped with the latest equipment, materials, and techniques to make your experience pleasant, quick, and simple! Even that chipped front tooth that has hindered your smiling, can often times be easily and inexpensively fixed. Come in and let us help!

Your parent’s choices for materials to fix teeth are in the museum. Today we are several generations into a wide variety of bonding techniques for a stronger filling. There are numerous (tooth colored) filling materials that are specifically designed by dental scientist for use in specific situations. An example would be a realistic appearing tooth-colored filling that easily matches the shade of your front tooth or a strong, long lasting crack resistant filling for a back tooth. There is no one solution to every tooth’s filling. We work hard to tailor fit the appropriate materials and techniques to maximize your function, esthetics, and value.

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