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1260 Easton Road Abington, PA 19001 (215) 884-8289


In every endeavor and aspect of life, prevention is the cornerstone to safety, health, and smooth sailing! Your oral health is no different, so let us help you keep "the wind at your back".

Let myself and team keep you at you optimum level of oral health. From that first visit at age 2 ½ past 102, prevention is the key to good oral health and thus good general health. For our younger patients, sealants, fluoride, cleanings, instruction in proper cleaning routines and identification and correction of malocclusion (irregular bites) are all essential to good oral health.

Teens and young adults may feel that they’ve outgrown the need to visit the dentist, but these years are when we strengthen adult habits, protect smiles with athletic mouth guards, enhance smiles with orthodontics, and carry that smile into adulthood.

Adults find the emphasis varying from decay to periodontal (gum) health. the scientific evidence continues to link “gum disease” to increased risk of stroke, heart disease, pneumonia, osteopenia, diabetes, low birth weight babies, and more. Two or three visits per year, good home care, and proper direction from myself and our team will put you on the right path.

Finally, seniors need to pay extra special attention as often times the medicine so essential in maintaining a good quality of life in their golden years, will have negative effects for the health of their teeth and gums. Dry mouth or xerostomia creates an oral environment where decay and gum disease occurs more readily. A fully functional set of teeth (your own, partial or man-made) are essential to maintaining a proper diet and thus a healthy lifestyle!

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