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1260 Easton Road Abington, PA 19001 (215) 884-8289

Oral Surgery

Removing a hopeless tooth, draining an abscess, helping along a "wiggling" baby tooth are often simple and painless. An infected tooth can lead to serious health issues, even death.

Between the nearly 50 years of combined experience, Dr. Freedman and Dr. Gradwell can perform almost all general oral surgery procedures in our safe and modern office.

Our treatment protocol has been refined over the years to insure not only a painless extraction but an optimum and easy post-surgical experience. After the removal of an infected tooth, Dr. Freedman and Dr. Gradwell’s advanced training have allowed them to perfect a technique which disinfects the socket and with the routine use of sutures promotes rapid healing. A free of charge post op appointment allows our team to evaluate the surgical area, remove remaining stitches and insure your well being. In the rare event that the required surgical technique necessitates an outside referral, Dr. Freedman has excellent working relationships with the foremost Oral Surgeons in the region and routinely calls those practices to advise those doctors that you will be scheduling an appointment.

Our patients almost always choose local anesthesia, but if you are really anxious, IV Sedation is an option.

No photos are in this section, but if you look at our testimonials, you’ll find a sample of letters from our happy patients who are glad they selected our office!

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