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1260 Easton Road Abington, PA 19001 (215) 884-8289

Iv Sedation

If you are too anxious or overwhelmed by even the thought of the dental care you require… don't sweat it….. Your care can be done under IV Sedation. (twilight sleep)

Dental anxiety ranks among the top fears for American adults. It often stems from negative past experiences, and it can cause patients to avoid dental visits until an emergency strikes. Every member of our team understands your apprehension and your desire for a comfortable dental visit. We offer I.V. sedation to combat dental fear and create a positive experience.

The most important factor in overcoming dental fear is our caring, experienced staff. We all have experience with dental phobia and know the importance of compassion and patience – for every patient! A warm, friendly, caring environment is always our goal. We take the time to explain our treatment options, letting you know what to expect and eliminating surprises. This will help calm you before and after your procedure. We want to make every patient feel as if he or she is the only patient in the office.

For those who require a helping hand with their fear of the dentist, oral sedation may be your choice of stress relief. Sometimes something as simple as one anti-anxiety pill before a dental procedure is all a patient needs to have a stress-free dental experience. For those who need more than a helping hand we move to the next level of patient comfort, IV sedation.

I.V. conscious sedation has helped thousands discover a different kind of dental experience = one without pain, fear or anxiety. Dr. Gradwell has over a decade of experience with I.V. sedation, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving gentle, deliberate care and many patients have had treatment successfully completed that they would have never otherwise considered!

Dr. Gradwell is certified by the state of Pennsylvania and was trained at Montefiore Medical Center for I.V. sedation. It involves a moderate sedative administered directly to the bloodstream. The sedative we use is a drug called Versed. It has been proven safe and effective for use during dental procedures.

During the procedure, you will be conscious, but you will feel extremely relaxed, and you may drift in and out of sleep. With I.V. sedation, you can expect to remember only a few details of the actual procedure, and normal activities can be resumed the day following you treatment.

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