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Implant Treatment

One tooth, a couple, or even your entire dentition can be replaced with dental implants. Restore a smile, reinvigorate eating, and recapture the quality of your life!

Dr. Scott Gradwell (surgeon)

Dr. Scott Gradwell (surgeon) and Dr. Jay Freedman (restorative dentist) have worked together as a team since 1989. Their body of successful outcomes stands as evidence to their skills, innovation, commitment to continued learning and drive towards excellence. No one need be without the ability to eat well, smile with confidence or be their best.

Implant and regenerative dentistry is well-documented science fact, not science fiction. With over 60 years of research, success and longer, more predictable outcomes, let us help you get your dental life back…Simply put dental implants are man-made roots to replace a missing tooth (teeth). This is not a new concept as evidence of successful implanted artificial or man-made teeth has been recently discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs.

As a result of medical research starting in the 1950’s working to discover metals to assist in bone repair, Titanium was found to fuse to the bone. Dental medicine and medical engineers have designed an entire inventory of “man made” roots. These can be easily, safely and predictably placed in almost every individual and situation. This allows today’s implant teams to restore anything from a single tooth to an entire mouth. Dental implants have been the driving force behind an entire new field of dentistry which is called regenerative dentistry.

The original dentist working with implants were often forced to place implants in areas only where there was sufficient bone support. Today because of the greater desire and need for people to regain normal function and appearance, dental medicine has facilitated techniques that make nearly every individual successful implant candidate. Dr. Freedman and Dr. Gradwell predictably and successfully grow bone where there was no bone. Routinely use specialized 3-D imaging techniques to maximize implant placement. Dr. Gradwell often will harvest the body’s own healing factors for rapid and more comfortable recuperation and Dr. Freedman can even replace that tooth or set of teeth the same day the implants are surgically positioned.

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