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1260 Easton Road Abington, PA 19001 (215) 884-8289

Covid 19

Living with COVID-19

Our community and nation have been through a lot over the past several of years.  While many things have and will continue to change, one thing has remained the same and that is our commitment to your safety and excellence!

Infection control has always been our top priority in our practice and many of you have frequently commented on just how obvious it is and how comfortable it makes you feel!  We have always strived to take that extra step to insure that our infection control processes create a safe environment for you and your family.  Just as HIV added an entirely new dimension and respect for bacteria and viruses in the 1980’s, COVID-19 will add a new set of requirements to insure that we can provide the same level of excellence in our delivery of dental care.

Our office follows the infection control recommendations that have been formulated and updated by the American Dental Association, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  We are vigilant in monitoring any and all activities of these agencies so that we are up to date on any new rulings or guidance as they are issued.  We do this to make sure our infection control protocols are current and strictly adhere to the best science each of the agencies’ recommendations!

That being said, when you have your next office visit, we will continue our instituted changes to help protect you and ourselves.

For example :

  • Wearing a mask in a medical or dental facility is no longer required. It is optional as is hand washing
  • You do not have to call when you arrive to notify us or complete a COVID-19 questionnaire, but if you don’t feel well, please call and cancel your appointment
  • The waiting room will no longer have magazines or any miscellaneous items, as they are difficult to clean and disinfect, but our intention is to minimize time in the waiting room
  • My staff and I will continue to utilize the maximum in PPE and we are going to continue to use medical grade air filtration throughout the office
  • Sterilization protocols remain at the same high standards we have always maintained
  • Barriers are in place at the office where recommended and all staff will be wearing the recommended Personal Protective Equipment during your entire visit
  • Please “LIKE” us on FACEBOOK, as it is an excellent means for us to maintain communication with you

We look forward to seeing you again soon and are happy to answer any of your questions you may have about the steps we are putting in place to keep you and everyone safe!

Thank you for being part of our patient family!  We value your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming back our patients, neighbors and friends!

Respectfully, Jay Freedman, DDS

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