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1260 Easton Road Abington, PA 19001 (215) 884-8289

Endodontics Root Canal

Root Canal therapy that is still stuck in the public's mindset as medieval has also made the leap into the 21st Century! At Jay Freedman, D.D.S. & Associates, P.C. we are proud to be on the cusp of the future.

Every tooth has in the middle, soft connective tissue filled with blood vessels and nerves, commonly known as the dental pulp. That area, if left undisturbed will remain healthy for your entire life, but a traumatic occurrence like an elbow to the face, knocking heads with your grandchild or untreated decay will lead to contamination of the dental pulp which will cause it to die and lead to infection. Endodontics commonly known as root canal therapy is the branch of dentistry where the area where the pulp occupies is cleaned out, sanitized and replaced with a specific, non-reactive filling material. For you the patient, this means you keep your tooth, have no pain and disease associated with a dying pulp. This procedure is generally painless and will require 1 to 2 appointments. A root canal will save a tooth and allow us to restore that tooth for many additional years of use!

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